Pure Natural Stone is working closely together with the leading slab producers of the highly exclusive semi-precious materials, gemstones, petrified wood and other luxury materials. The raw materials are imported from around the world and are cut in slices.The most beautiful pieces of semi-precious materials and gemstones will be sorted by color and then worked into slabs. Besides the slabs we supply cut-to-size products made in any kind of design. We can deliver the materials with unique specifications like big size pieces, with special surfaces as leather or worked in a special design composition. We also supply a range of semi-precious materials for outside use (guaranteed from -20 to +90 Celsius). The epoxy which is used is extremely strong and the slabs are safe to use for all kind of applications. We deliver a unique, highly exclusive product, completely customized to the wishes of the client. See the gallery for more info.

Gallery Precious stone