NEWS BLOG, built to last: Pisa

Working from Italy allows me to do some sightseeing every now and then. Even the most obvious places like Pisa are worth to visit. Every time I see the beautifully built old structures I am fascinated by the craftsmanship and details of the work. Ironically, the millions of tourists that are drawn to the Pisa tower come for the imperfection of the pour foundation that makes the tower almost tip over. When you look at the all the buildings on Piazza del Duomo which is made from a variety of natural stones I feel a deep admiration for the people that designed and build that almost nine centuries ago with very basic tools. Although a great part of the specialized work is nowadays done by CNC machines and robots there is still a number of craftsmen that work manually.

Bottom line is that structures like this, all made of natural stone, are truly built to last. Please click on the READ MORE button underneath to see more images and details.



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