NEWS BLOG, beautiful highlights in natural stone

Our different team members who post items on this blog execute natural stone projects all over the world. This is a simulation based on 4 actual slabs of Dalmata marble placed in book match (diamond match). The goal was to offer some exclusive highlights in natural stone for a project of 300 villa's in a tropical resort.


The challange when offering these exclusive solutions is always to visualize it the right way. A graphic designer made here the simulation on 4 actual slabs so the client knows exactly what he gets.


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On the right a simulation of 4 slabs of Sequoia Brown Quartzite. This is a strong and durable material and very suitable to be placed in diamond match because the veins usually match perfectly from slab to slab.


A leather surface was chosen to make it a little less shinny but it keeps the color bright. It gives also the stone a more profound texture so it gets a very nice touch to it.

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