MATERIALS BLOG, classic: the unexpexted side of Phorphyry

Everybody knows the material Porphyry as the little cube stones used in historical centers as paving on squares and streets. The material is indeed very strong, frost resistant and very suitable for outside use, but here I would like to point out the unexpected possibilities for interior design. But before I start with that, first in short its origin and some characteristics of the material. The Italian porphyry is originated from the province Trento in North Italy. The material has been quarried for many, many centuries and has become a symbol of ancient building culture. The material is if we look at the strength, frost resistance and water absorption comparable with granite, so very strong and durable. Of course the characteristics differ a little between the different types of Porphyry. For example the Porfido Viola and .........

........ and the Porfido Santa Rosa are very uniform from structure and are also available in bigger blocks and slabs. The Porfido Grigio Verde, Porfido Marrone and Porfido Giallo di Renon come in all different size and shapes since they are usually quarried as big boulders. What they all have in common is that in the material there can be spots of a darker or lighter structure. This is not seen as a defect but as a characteristic of the material. Whether you like more or less of these spots is a matter of taste.

The materials I want to give some special attention to is the Porfido Grigio Misto, Porfido Marron and Porfido Selva. The Porfido Grigio Misto is a material what due to its almost industrial look fits very good in modernly designed interiors. For example as a kitchen or table top. A very popular finish is the flamed and brushed  surface. It gives the material a beautiful natural look but it brings out also the color of the material. But all kind of surface treatments are possible.

The Porfido Marron or Brown Porphyry is a material that comes in different shades of brown and also a type with light brown spots in it. Even between the slabs of one block can be quite some difference in color and structure so this should be taken into consideration when selecting the material. It is not a good idea to select this material based only on a photo. This material is also very suitable for interior use due to the nice brown color and the natural structure of the stone.


The Porfido Selva has also some brown in it but is much more uniform and therefor easier to use in bigger projects when uniformity of the material is required by the client.


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