DESIGN BLOG: semi-precious and gemstones, the ultimate luxury!

The semi-precious products are without a doubt the most exclusive natural stone products on the market. Now with the possibility to get the material produced in the exact size you want, is there basically no material loss and this makes a huge difference in costs compared to the standard size slabs that where usually made. The quality however, is outstanding and is among the best available worldwide. This is not only the quality of the actual semi-precious and gemstones but also the quality of the slab production. On top of that now there are also big size slabs available  (max.315x180cm) and there is even a unique outdoor collection which is guaranteed from -20 to +90 Celsius and also suitable in salt water conditions. Normally the slabs are produced in a way that the color shades are equally distributed over the slab but now it is also possible to have the slab produced according to a special design.

Besides a deep polished surface it is also possible get a leather (satinato) surface. A total high-end solution which is completely customized according to customer demands is nowadays within reach. This could be a semi-precious sink but also a complete interior with backlit decorative wall panels.


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