Pure Natural Stone is working closely together with the leading slab producers of the highly exclusive semi-precious materials, gemstones, petrified wood and other luxury materials. The raw materials are imported from around the world and are cut in slices.The most beautiful pieces of semi-precious materials and gemstones will be sorted by color and then worked into slabs. Besides the slabs we supply cut-to-size products made in any kind of design. We can deliver the materials with unique specifications like big size pieces, with special surfaces as leather or worked in a special design composition. We also supply a range of semi-precious materials for outside use (guaranteed from -20 to +90 Celsius). The epoxy which is used is extremely strong and the slabs are safe to use for all kind of applications. We deliver a unique, highly exclusive product, completely customized to the wishes of the client. See the gallery for more info.

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DESIGN BLOG, Petrified wood, pure natural beauty!

Petrified wood is basically a result of a tree having completely transitioned to stone because all the organic materials are replaced by minerals. The petrifaction takes place under the ground when the wood gets buried under sediment and this process can take millions of years. The result is a very strong material with the structure of wood. The color is determined by the type of mineral.


The petrified parts will be cut in round slices or rectangular pieces and with a very strong epoxy glued to slabs. From these slabs we can make the most spectacular elements like wall panels, tiles, and tops for kitchen, bathroom etc.


With a special epoxy resin and a leather surface the material is also suitable for outdoor use. It is used as ventilades facades for luxury villa's (see left a fine example of brown petrified wood). Because it is even suitable for a salt water environment it is also being used on yachts.


Whatever the use will be, it is a beautiful, exclusive and timeless solution!

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DESIGN BLOG: semi-precious and gemstones, the ultimate luxury!

The semi-precious products are without a doubt the most exclusive natural stone products on the market. Now with the possibility to get the material produced in the exact size you want, is there basically no material loss and this makes a huge difference in costs compared to the standard size slabs that where usually made. The quality however, is outstanding and is among the best available worldwide. This is not only the quality of the actual semi-precious and gemstones but also the quality of the slab production. On top of that now there are also big size slabs available  (max.315x180cm) and there is even a unique outdoor collection which is guaranteed from -20 to +90 Celsius and also suitable in salt water conditions. Normally the slabs are produced in a way that the color shades are equally distributed over the slab but now it is also possible to have the slab produced according to a special design.

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