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Luxury Stone at the Masters of LXRY in Amsterdam

December 2017 we lanced out new product line under the name Pure Natural Design. We are passionate about the beautiful materials nature offers us and our designs bring out the natural beauty of these materials even more. The best professionals in stone, wood and steel turn each design into a unique, handmade, top quality product. 


For us there was no better platform as the Masters of LXRY in Amsterdam to present ourselves to the public. It was really good to hear all the positive reactions on our products.


It was also an excellent oportunity for an European premiere of Vancouver Jade. A beautiful semi-precious jade from Canada for which we have the exclusivity for Europe.


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For more info please call 0039-3452109669 or send an email to jurjen@purenaturalstone.com.

Have a nice day!   Jurjen de Baar



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NEWS BLOG, The best designs created by nature!

It is just amazing how colorful and nicely structured natural stone is created by nature. Of course there is nothing wrong with a black granite or a white marble but now and then it is great to use a material a bit more spectacular. The image left shows an Onyx Kilamanjaro and in the gallery you see a selection of my favorites


For more info please call 0039-3452109669 or send an email to jurjen@purenaturalstone.com.


Have fun!

Jurjen de Baar


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NEWS BLOG, Seeing is believing....

Seeing is believing and that counts especially for natural stone. For this reason Pure Natural Stone invested in professional visualization software, hardware and training. We are now able to show exactly to our customers what they can expect and by this we can much better fulfill the needs and wishes from our clients. The 2D drawings will be converted to 3D by us and with Lumion Pro 7.0 software visualized to an attractive and realistic scene. We do this based on images from actual and available natural stone slabs. So if the client approves, we can produce it like the render. By offering this service we have become a true natural stone partner for stone masons, architects and project developers. Please let us know when you need help to realize your natural stone project.


For more info please call 0039-3452109669 or send an email to jurjen@purenaturalstone.com.

Kind regards,   Jurjen de Baar


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Made by Pure Natural Stone for a big project in Ivory Coast


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NEWS BLOG, Trends in natural stone 2017

After reading a number of articles about lifestyle and living trends in 2017, you see a clear trend of using more warm and intense colors. Also more space for natural stone in interiors in warm brown and green colors which may be more spectacular from structure and color shades as the more classic brown and green materials.


We have been using a lot more beautiful brown materials lately like Sequoia Brown, Bronze Amani and Emperador Orientale (also known as Mystic Brown). The classic Spanish Emperador is being used less and less.


Also there is a tendency to use natural stone with a variety of colors like the Fusion dark on the photo left and Grigio Oribico. The polular green materials at the moment are Irish Green, Verde Cipollini, Verde Ming and Verde Bamboo. Please click on the read more bottom underneath or send an email to jurjen@purenaturalstone.com


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MATERIALS BLOG: New from Brazil


Our Pure Natural Stone Blog is also to give attention to new materials. This time we introduce 2 new materials from Brazil. They both have in common that they are partly translucent en therefore suitable for being backlit. However, the material (see photo left) is strong like a granite and also suitable to be worked as counter top. The other material belongs to the marble group and is therefore more suitable for interior use on places that is less change for stains. This material is called Lumen and belongs to the same family as Pinta Verde. The Feldquartz is from the same family as the material Patagonia which we presented during the Stone Week. It is color wise warmer and very suitable to combine with several types of wood.


For more info and photos of Feldquartz and Lumen please click on the read more button underneath and see the gallery. Or you can send an email to info@purenaturalstone.com



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DESIGN BLOG: semi-precious and gemstones, the ultimate luxury!

The semi-precious products are without a doubt the most exclusive natural stone products on the market. Now with the possibility to get the material produced in the exact size you want, is there basically no material loss and this makes a huge difference in costs compared to the standard size slabs that where usually made. The quality however, is outstanding and is among the best available worldwide. This is not only the quality of the actual semi-precious and gemstones but also the quality of the slab production. On top of that now there are also big size slabs available  (max.315x180cm) and there is even a unique outdoor collection which is guaranteed from -20 to +90 Celsius and also suitable in salt water conditions. Normally the slabs are produced in a way that the color shades are equally distributed over the slab but now it is also possible to have the slab produced according to a special design.

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