MATERIALS BLOG: New from Brazil


Our Pure Natural Stone Blog is also to give attention to new materials. This time we introduce 2 new materials from Brazil. They both have in common that they are partly translucent en therefore suitable for being backlit. However, the material (see photo left) is strong like a granite and also suitable to be worked as counter top. The other material belongs to the marble group and is therefore more suitable for interior use on places that is less change for stains. This material is called Lumen and belongs to the same family as Pinta Verde. The Feldquartz is from the same family as the material Patagonia which we presented during the Stone Week. It is color wise warmer and very suitable to combine with several types of wood.


For more info and photos of Feldquartz and Lumen please click on the read more button underneath and see the gallery. Or you can send an email to




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    Allcomb (dinsdag, 01 augustus 2017 15:30)

    This stone seems to be a good counter top material. Moreover, if we go for shelves with this material, I won't be sure how it will appear.

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    stone sample board (vrijdag, 09 september 2016 11:33)

    Nice Look Pure Natural Stone .