DESIGN BLOG, Petrified wood, pure natural beauty!

Petrified wood is basically a result of a tree having completely transitioned to stone because all the organic materials are replaced by minerals. The petrifaction takes place under the ground when the wood gets buried under sediment and this process can take millions of years. The result is a very strong material with the structure of wood. The color is determined by the type of mineral.


The petrified parts will be cut in round slices or rectangular pieces and with a very strong epoxy glued to slabs. From these slabs we can make the most spectacular elements like wall panels, tiles, and tops for kitchen, bathroom etc.


With a special epoxy resin and a leather surface the material is also suitable for outdoor use. It is used as ventilades facades for luxury villa's (see left a fine example of brown petrified wood). Because it is even suitable for a salt water environment it is also being used on yachts.


Whatever the use will be, it is a beautiful, exclusive and timeless solution!

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    Pure natural beauty!

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